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February 13 2016


Trying to enter the BIOS

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February 06 2016


Debugging a function call by throwing random parameters at it

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When I'm on Facebook at work and the boss appears behind me

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When I try to get my local server running again after not using it for a month

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When git blame points to me

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When the same annoying bug returns again and again

/* by Tom */


When they tell me that the website has to be IE8 friendly

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When I rely on my team for a risky deploy

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Opening legacy code for the first time

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When I notice my code crashing during a demo

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When I do an update query without where condition in production

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Most people right before commenting in the internet

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December 31 2015


When I arrive at the office and the internet is down

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When I'm getting ready for my day of technical support

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December 21 2015


Wrapping up ‘15

Now that I am winding down a bit, I get to take a look back at what’s been a wonderful, crazy year. I would like to take this opportunity to share with you, chronologically, the many people I got to meet or meet again, the things that happened and left their impression on me and take a glimpse into 2016. So if you wonder what’s been on my mind: read on.

At Archilogic we’ve made a range of big leaps forward. * We’ve rolled out Virtual Reality support for Google Cardboard and Oculus Rift * We improved our realistic lighting pipeline, which is now faster, easily scalable and much more flexible. * We have and still constantly do improve on our user experience, giving it faster loading times, more intuitive controls and better visual quality * Besides OBJ we can now also export to DXF * We have improved our image recognition to create 3D models from 2D floorplans * We are about to launch a few amazing features that I can’t talk about yet ;-) * We contributed back to open source, for instance to jQuery and Three.js

I got to play with the LEAP Motion, the Myo, the Oculus Rift and Google Tango as well.

I also had the humbling experience of visiting the LHC at CERN and go inside this impossible structure.

Also, we’ve grown our amazing team with great new members - it’s a pleasure working with each and every one of our team members for me!

As a bonus, I got to play around with Open Data from Zurich:

I am also so absolutely blown away and grateful to have a chance to meet so many bright, kind and amazing people and talk to so many different communities all over the world.

It’s been a dazzling 21 events in 17 different countries I got to visit this year! I am out of words for how humbled I am by this - I really hope that I could provide something insightful, useful and fun for each of these. I also met a lot of old and new friends and have been inspired in many surprising and different ways.

I’d like to highlight a few events that stand out for me personally, but that doesn’t mean the others aren’t extraordinary and great, just a few stood out a bit more: RSConf in Minsk, DaFED, JSConf UY, MediterraneaJS and JSConf US (Last Call).

  • RSConf was well-done, full of great talks and workshops and speakers, organisers and attendees where great, bright folks and it was a pleasure being among them
  • DaFED is an exceptional regular meetup run by amazing and lovely folks that gave me an incredibly warm welcome and I am proud to have been part of this incredible event where great minds and enthusiasm come together to create a better future for their local community
  • JSConf Uruguay had been so supportive to me and managed to balance feeding our brains with inspiring content and making everybody mingle and chat - it has been a blast!
  • Mediterranea JS was a well-crafted meeting of a lovely bunch of people in Barcelona to discuss tech and community matters that took the best of many other events and combined it in a fruitful gathering that felt like a family meeting, despite the broad range of topics covered
  • JSConf US, the last call, had all the feels. The brilliant content that pushed things to the edge combined with what matters most in all our lives: Lovely people. It’s been a very special event in that it discussed a lot of issues that are bigger than tech. It was focused on enabling people to unfold their full potential, together, as a community. And last but not least: It was a farewell to Laura and Chris, who made all this happen and inspired so many other events and communities to come up and prosper.

So all in all, it’s been a blast!

I wish you all a calm and joyful time and a good start to a great 2016! Martin

December 20 2015

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December 10 2015


When I start reviewing the intern's code

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When the data migration script finally works

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When the sales guy wants to help elaborate the design

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